Mission Statement:
"To make the Highest Quality Product in the 
Most Respectful Manner possible."
The Owners
Don & Becky Hein
Lawrence Haber, Nick Ljubic, Don Hein, Armand Amoranto & Michele Amoranto
at contract signing.
The Heins

Owners - Little Cakes Kitchen

and Little Cakes at Gelson's

Starting Little Cakes Kitchen in Vista back in 2010, owners Don and Becky Hein were excited to create a local, family run bakery in the town they called home.  They have been Vista residents for the past 10+ years, and have always been strong supporters of local small businesses in the community. After many years in the corporate and managerial world, Don found himself in 2010 looking for a new and fulfilling experience. He was led back to his roots, coming from a family full of self-starters and business owners, which includes several bakeries.  His brother, Mike Hein, and brother's partner, Tony Portugal, run Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company in Seattle, and they inspired Don to begin the adventure himself. They graciously shared many of their star recipes and flavors, including Pancakes and Bacon and French Toast.

​Don and his wife Becky have always enjoyed hosting friends at their home and most of all, feeding people.  Their belief is that crafting food and serving it to someone is one of the most sincere expressions of love.  Little Cakes has fulfilled the couple's dream of running a local bakery offering the highest quality product in their own community.

Expanding into the Gelson's family has been an amazing experience and one with quite a story.  Longtime Gelson's shopper, Lawrence Haber, walked into Little Cakes one day sharing his thought that he believed their product would do well inside of Gelson's.  Don thought so too, but wondered how anyone could make it happen.  Lawrence, having had a very successful career matching merchants in the garment industry, went off and worked his magic.  In just under one year, Don was presenting to the CEO of Gelson's and being told by their management his presentation was, "A Grand Slam.  Not a Home Run, mind you, but a Grand Slam."  And now, here we are, offering Little Cakes products inside one of the top premium markets in the US. 

But regardless of where the product is sold, the philosophy remains the same.  “Our goal is to have customers walk in and feel like they entered a friend's home.  A friend who just happens to have some gourmet desserts on the counter they would love to share.  Whether you buy one dessert or a hundred, you're treated respectfully and you walk away happier than when you walked in.  We're not doing our job right if we don't make your day just a little bit brighter.” 


- Don Hein, Little Cakes Kitchen Vista Shop Owner / Little Cakes at Gelson's General Manager & CEO.